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Shree Jalaram Bricks Manufacturing Company also well known as JBC Bricks, is in business of mud brick manufacturing since more than 50 years. Started in year 1965, the company has the largest bricks manufacturing plant in Gujarat and is among top 5 bricks manufacturers in India. The company has held its vision of manufacturing solid bricks with highest strength in uniform perfection which can give the strength to any architectural structure.

The company have a mega mixer plant to prepare the raw material of bricks. We have a 100% natural manufacturing process with best quality fill size bricks. We do not use salt or other harmful chemicals, which decreases the strength and quality of bricks. With the firing capacity of 500 ton per day, our production capacity & product inventories are sufficient to cater projects requiring large quantities. JBC has catered to many large scale projects. To name a few, we have supplied bricks to the Gift City (Gandhinagar), ***name of some big projects** and many more.

At JBC Bricks Co., we understand that architects and designers have design visions which sometimes require customized sizes, shapes, curves and colors. In past, we have worked closely with architects to understand their design requirements and match it with the scope of customization to deliver the best possible options. Clay is one such material which can be shaped in numerous ways and we love taking challenges to experiment with the scope of customization.

Brick making process involves mixing of different types of clays in proportionate amounts at fixed moisture contents before extrusion or pressing can be done. The real challenge here is the main ingredient, clay itself which is a constant variable. Thereafter, drying and firing durations as well as temperatures are controlled to be able to make the perfect brick. Brick making is a skill that is perfected through generations. At JBC Bricks Co., with the third generation working in the brick making business now, we have always focused upon customer satisfaction as the key to business success.

Considering the tedious process that clay has to go through to become a brick, it should never be plastered or painted. Therefore, we are dedicated to making bricks that are not only aesthetically beautiful but also capable of performing when left exposed on the building facades. Brick properties like compressive strength, water absorption, efflorescence and warpage are carefully monitored to deliver the best quality. Brick and related products never fade, peel or rot. Therefore, you will never need to paint and will hardly ever have to clean. Compare a brick home with others and soon you’ll realize how much money, effort and time brick home owners save. So, use brick and just keep all your time for more important things in life!


Our Method of Manufacturing

We are manufacturing Brics from past 50 years and in those years we have innovated new technologies to manufacture bricks; however, the engineering and the formula behind it remains the same. We feel proud in building our bricks with a complete natural process without use of salt or other such chemicals.

Clay bricks are formed in one of the three processes – soft mud, dry press, or extruded. Normally our bricks contains the following ingredients:

  1. Silica (Sand) – 50% to 60% by weight
  2. Alumina (Clay) – 20% to 30% by weight
  3. Lime – 2% to 5% y weight
  4. Iron Oxide <= 7% by weight
  5. Magnesia – < 1% by weight

History of Bricks Manufacturing

A brick is a block or a single unit of ceramic material used in masonry construction. Typically bricks are stacked together or laid as brickwork using various kind of mortar to hold the bricks together and make a permanent structure. Bricks are typically produced in common or standard sizes in bulk quantities. They have been regarded as one of the longest lasting and strongest material used throughout history.

In the general sense, a “BRICK” is a standard-sized weight-bearing building unit. Bricks are laid in horizontal courses, sometimes dry and sometimes with mortar. When the term is used in this sense, the brick might be made from clay, lime and sand, concrete, or shaped stone. In a less clinical and more colloquial sense, bricks are made from dried earth, usually from clay bearing subsoil. In some cases, such as adobe, the bricks in merely dried. More commonly it is fired in a kiln of some sort to form a true ceramic.

Bricks Manufactured
Satisfied Customers

We Thrive Ourselves On Creativity, Intuition & Determination.


We have a team of highly qualified team of engineers, managers and supervisors that works continuously in 3 shifts to deliver highest quality Bricks to our valuable customers 24×7 and 365 days a year.


A state of the art unit is located at the plant for product quality check and improvements. We have been manufacturing best quality bricks with the same best in class quality for more than 50 years.

We are the biggest manufacturer of


*Specifications:Weight: 3 KgStrength: Above 75 Kg / Cm2Water absorption: < 16%


*Specifications:Weight: 2.9 KgStrength: Above 75 Kg / Cm2Water absorption: < 16%


*Specifications:Weight: 600gStrength: Above 75 Kg / Cm2Water absorption: < 16%


*Specifications:Weight: 3 KgStrength: Above 75 Kg / Cm2Water absorption: < 16%


*Specifications:Weight: 2.9 KgStrength: Above 75 Kg / Cm2Water absorption: < 16%


*Specifications:Weight: 3 KgStrength: Above 75 Kg / Cm2Water absorption: < 16%